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Andy Cohen sitting up on that stage saying they don’t condone violence and making Porsha the ultimate villain out of this… Shaking my damn head. Bravo has made millions from violence over the years. They used Adriana slapping Joanna in RHOM Season 2 to try and drum up ratings for a flailing show, the Joe vs. Joe fight on RHONJ last season was also promoted to the high heavens. As for RHONJ, there was the table flip, the country club brawl at the Posche Fashion Show in S2, Tre pushing Andy on the S2 reunion, the christening in S3, and the entire show has actually been littered with petty brawls over the years. RHOC had Tamra throwing wine in Jeana’s face in Season 6, followed by Jeana throwing wine in a random’s face, and that random pushing Jeana. RHOA itself saw the pillow fight brawl this year, which gave the show it’s highest ratings, as well as Sheree shifting Kim’s wig in S2, NeNe being an inch away from Kim’s face, restrained by Kandi and Don Juan only, threatening to choke her on the bus ride to Miami, and RHOBH’s second season built it’s whole storyline around Taylor being physically abused by her dead husband. 

Bravo may not condone violence, but they are clearly not opposed to it and they are only pretending to be now because Kenya is their money maker now and they want to please her. But violence is used by Bravo to garner ratings more so than even VH1, and here’s why. VH1 viewers know they’re getting ratchet ass brawls every other week, and their ratings stay pretty consistent throughout the season because of it. But Bravo? Violence is rare and heavily publicised, and as a result garners record ratings every time. RHOA and RHONJ are the to most violent of the franchise, and they are the two highest rated, both experiencing spikes in their ratings when violence occurs. Bravo’s business thrives off of violence, and this reunion’s ratings will surely be stellar due to the promotion of this brawl. Andy can call this gross, and say he doesn’t condone all he wants, but it’s bullshit and I’m surprised he didn’t wet himself thinking of the dollars as this all went down in front of his eyes. #GIRLBYE



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Beautiful day to start. Another day to thank God for waking us up. Another day to smile. Another day to feel blessed. Another day to be happy. Another to do good. Good morning everyone.

"Be happy. Decide to be happy. If you want to be happy, be happy! No one cares if you’re happy or not, so why wait for permission? And did it really matter if you had been deeply unhappy in your past? Who but you remembered that?"

- Amity Gaige (via purplebuddhaproject)